The Best Tactical Wakizashi: Top 10 Katana Sword for The Money With Detailed Reviews

Are you a sword collector for handmade Wakizashi products with an impressive look? Do you want to own the best tactical Wakizashi suitable for use in the dojo, meeting your training exercises well? Whatever your needs are, you’ve come to the right place!

The best recommendations were swords made of quality materials that are amazingly sharp and durable. Besides, you will also find quite a lot of interesting advice from experts with experience studying this traditional Japanese sword.

Therefore, do not miss any useful information below!

The Best Tactical Wakizashi: Top 10 Choices For 2022 With Detailed Reviews

Detailed Reviews Of The Best Tactical Wakizashis Reviews

The best tactical Wakizashi must possess a blade with outstanding strength, good balance, and flexibility. Choosing a product that fully meets the above factors is not an easy challenge; however, you can completely narrow your search by referring to some suggestions below.

#1. Lyuesword Hand Japanese Clay Katana

Lyuesword Hand Japanese Clay Katana

Product’s highlights

If you are looking for a really strong and sharp product that meets professional practice needs such as cutting targets such as tatami, and bamboo, don’t miss Lyuesword Hand Forged Japanese Clay.

Unlike the sword models for beginners, the Lyuesword Hand Forged has a high-quality T10 high carbon steel blade.

Besides, the manufacturer also tempered the blade through clay. Lyuesword forging is also quite special when applying a proprietary clay layer to the edge by hand, then adding a coating to the rest of the blade; the thickness of the coating depends on the sword’s design.

The meticulous equipment provides hard edges while the back is soft – an advantage that any professional user is always looking for.

Finally, the full tang blade is an advantage I also appreciate in this wakizashi model. The above addition has contributed significantly to improving the overall strength of the sword.


  • T10 fired clay.
  • Polish the entire blade manually.
  • Easily disassemble parts for maintenance.
  • Suitable for a variety of workouts, from intermediate to advanced.
  • The edge has a full tang.


  • Box and stand are not included.

Bottom line

Lyuesword is a brand with more than a decade of experience in Japanese sword production, known for its products that are cared for by the hands of top artisans in a completely handmade method.

This wakizashi model is no exception. With excellent quality, the product is ideal for use in dojos, supporting a variety of exercises with different levels, from intermediate to advanced.

#2. GLW Katana Samurai 3 Swords Set

GLW Katana HandForged Japanese Samurai 3 Swords Set

Product’s highlights

It will be a mistake if your best tactical wakizashi list is missing the GLW Katana HandForged Japanese Samurai. Whether you’re looking for Wakizashi to collect or use in the dojo or for survival purposes, this representative from GLW can make you happy.

The above assertion is completely grounded because to create GLW, leading experts in the field of sword casting have devoted their enthusiasm and attention to detail, implementing the sword casting process according to the oldest traditional method.

After shaping the blade using the above traditional process, the part also undergoes a heat treatment to increase hardness and is polished with a whetstone. As a result, you have a set of sharp, durable swords and a polished beauty that is impossible to take your eyes off.

Another advantage of this kit is that the manufacturer has smoothed the entire sword path. I quite appreciate this improvement of the GLW because these fine grinding lines provide a high sense of security, especially when using the sword for practice purposes.


  • Produced by traditional methods by leading experts.
  • High-quality Rosewood hilt, good grip feeling.
  • Blade made of sharp alloy steel.
  • Finely sharpens the entire edge, providing safety for training purposes.
  • The knife undergoes a hardening heat treatment.


  • Because it is a handmade product, you have to wait 1-3 weeks.

Bottom line

Sleek, sleek appearance combined with sharpness and high applicability, this product is suitable for many different uses.

Whether you’re looking for a wall mount or a practice weapon set, the GLW is one of those quality wakizashi you can’t help but consider.

#3. HandForged Practical Sakura Katanas

HandForged Practical Sakura Katanas

Product’s highlights

Hand Forged Practical Sakura is a set of products that include a katana sword and a wakizashi sword of great quality that any user with high training needs will surely love.

Explaining this special love, it is impossible not to praise the completely handmade production process of the product. In particular, I quite appreciate the way the manufacturer designed the handle.

Different from other industrial heavy-duty mass-produced swords, the handle of this Hand Forged Wakizashi Sword is of premium wood with a stingray skin finish. The manufacturer also wrapped a layer of traditional diamond patterns, adding a decorative menuki pattern.

In addition to the handle, the blade is also a notable advantage of this weapon set. The Damascus blade has undergone clay tempering and has sharp edges.

Combined with that is the blade length when habaki up to 21”, all make Hand Forged Practical Sakura a sharp choice and standard size.

The product can confidently serve the needs of practicing fresh bamboo in particular and similar plants in general.


  • The production process is completely manual.
  • The handle has an eye-catching design and a good grip feeling.
  • Full Tang.
  • High Sharpness.
  • The Damascus blade is with clay.


  • Rates are not too accessible.

Bottom line

The Hand Forged Practical Sakura set is not the best option for your budget. However, with a completely handmade production process and the perfect combination of design beauty and sharpness, and durability, this product is still one of the best Wakizashi worth investing in today.

#4. CAS Hanwei SH2448 Wakizashi

CAS Hanwei SH2448 Wakizashi

Product’s highlights

If I could only recommend one product with the best steel for Wakizashi, I would not hesitate to choose Hanwei Tactical Wakizashi. It is hard to find an existing sword model on the market with advanced steel such as CAS Hanwei.

With high technology from Hanwei’s exclusive factories, the high-alloy HWS-2s material that this sword model possesses has good purity and resilience while still having excellent edge retention.

In addition to impressing with its high-quality steel blade, this model is a worthy choice thanks to its lacquer-coated handle and highly-finished horn attachment.

When it comes to accessories, it is impossible not to praise the manufacturer for offering a lot of unique accessories related to the design theme of bamboo.

Examples include accessories with a black iron tsuba accentuating the design, a fuchi/kashira with a similar design, or a luxurious golden menuki.


  • Exclusive high alloy HWS-2s steel.
  • Various accessories included.
  • High-finish lacquered handle.
  • Steel blades have good edge retention.
  • The design is simple but still aesthetically pleasing.


  • It might be a little thinner than you expect.

Bottom line

The CAS Hanwei SH2448 has a host of advantages you’d always look for in a wakizashi: a simple design that makes an ideal display sword, and a high-quality handle with an impressive lacquer finish.

In particular, the exclusive HWS-2s steel offering high elasticity and good edge retention is one of the greatest competitive strengths of CAS Hanwei SH2448 over a wide range of options available on the market.

#5. Jiang Tong Damascus Folded Steel Clay Wakizashi

Jiang Tong Damascus Folded Steel Clay Wakizashi

Product’s highlights

Jiang Tong Damascus Folded Steel Clay Wakizashi is one of the few products completely hand-finished by professional swordsmiths. Thanks to that, you absolutely cannot doubt the meticulousness in every detail of the product’s perfection.

In addition to the above advantages, it is impossible not to praise AISI 1060 carbon steel with fewer impurities, increased hardness, and flexibility.

In particular, as the manufacturer announced, the blade is composed of 8,000 thin layers, ensuring excellent durability.

Not only that, but Jiang Tong also improved the quality of the blade by tempering it through clay. I highly recommend this manufacturer’s method because the tempering process gives the edge great rigidity even if you cut a small bamboo.


  • The blade comes with a long tang.
  • The edge undergoes tempered clay.
  • The production process is completely manual.
  • Luxury wooden case.
  • Unblemished steel, strong and durable.


  • Expensive.

Bottom line

Jiang Tong Damascus Folded Steel Clay is quite an investment worth considering. However, this tactical sword model is completely worth the price above.

It comes to aesthetics and durability, sharpness to long-term edge retention, this representative from Jiang Tong is still one of the top names on the best tactical wakizashi list.

#6. HMS Japanese Samurai Katana

HMS Japanese Samurai Katana

Product’s highlights

As someone who spends a lot of time searching for beautifully designed Japanese swords, I am still amazed at the design of the HMS Japanese Wakizashi.

I’m sure you, like me, will quickly be captivated by the high-quality leather-wrapped wooden handle, heat-treated blade, and a host of other details in the design of the representative from this HMS.

In particular, if you love the classic beauty of traditional Japanese sword models, you will not be able to ignore the HMS.

The manufacturer has brought a standard wakizashi sword model: gentle curves, delicate beauty, neatness, and versatility that surpass those of the katana – the main weapon of the Samurai.

Another advantage that has also won a lot of praise for this product is that the product does not simply possess a design suitable for use as a wall-mounted product, a collectible item. Instead, the HMS can still quite well meet the needs of using it as a training sword in the dojo.


  • Full Tang.
  • Good for many different uses: practice, collection, use in the dojo.
  • The blade is with the expert’s signature.
  • Design with gentle curves.
  • The handle has a high finish.


  • There is no sophisticated design like other wall-mounted sword models.

Bottom line

As a handcrafted product, traditionally produced by masters of the sword industry, it’s not surprising that HMS has so pleased Japanese sword lovers.

Even if you are not a collector, you will certainly have the desire to own an HMS and display products on separate racks.

This sword model is indeed quite reminiscent of traditional products – swords associated with Edo period samurai, with stories of loyalty, honor, and more.

#7. HERO SWORD Samurai Katana

HERO SWORD Samurai Katana

Product’s highlights

There are many reasons why your collection cannot be without HERO SWORD.

Firstly, this product has a fairly high-grade blade material: HRC T1095 carbon steel, tampered with clay. You absolutely cannot doubt the quality of the upper material and the hardness of the blade 60, the strength of the full tang design.

Secondly, the parameters such as the length, width, and blade thickness of Hero Sword are all standard. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned swordsman, you have good control over the product with a blade length of 70cm, a blade thickness of 3.2cm, and a blade width of 20cm.

Last but not least, Hero Sword is one of the best tactical Wakizashi you can find as of right now. Whether it’s hunting or walking, or survival activities, the durability of this sword model can accompany you through all harsh conditions.

If you are looking for a reliable, highly applicable companion in daily outdoor activities, you should not miss this wakizashi model!


  • Suitable for outdoor activities such as hunting and survival.
  • High-quality HRC carbon steel blade material.
  • Full tang design.
  • Blade hardness 60.
  • Comfortable premium hardwood handle.


  • Not too suitable for decorative purposes.

Bottom line

You should carry this sword model in outdoor activities such as hunting and survival. You will surely be surprised by the experiences that this best tactical Wakizashi brings.

#8. Jiang Tong 1095 Samurai

Jiang Tong 1095 Samurai

Product’s highlights

If the Japanese Samurai Katana Wakizashi is not too suitable for decoration and collection purposes, you can look at the Jiang Tong 1095 Carbon Steel Forged Japanese Samurai Sword Set.

This set includes the cold steel wakizashi you’ve always been looking for and the best tactical katana you’ll probably want to own to complete your collection.

Although it is quite a priority for aesthetics, this product still carries the beauty of ancient Japanese style and meets the requirements of sharpness and strength.

Specifically, the manufacturer uses 1095 carbon steel to form the blade component of the product. Combined with a full tang and a handle with two bamboo pegs, the Jiang Tong Samurai Sword becomes sturdy, highly immobilized, and always ready to be stamped.

I also quite appreciate the manual production process that Jiang Tong built. With a traditional approach but still applying many modern technologies, the manufacturer has performed quite well in removing impurities from steel, bringing products with high purity.


  • The traditional manufacturing process eliminates impurities as much as possible.
  • The handle part has two bamboo pegs for increased stability.
  • High-quality 1095 carbon steel.
  • Full Tang.
  • Beautiful design.


  • Not too suitable for outdoor use.

Bottom line

Jiang Tong Samurai Sword Set may not be your number one choice in outdoor activities such as survival and hunting. Yet, the product completes your sword collection and provides you with both traditional and modern beauty in design.

#9. Cold Steel Wakizashi


Cold Steel Wakizashi

Product’s highlights

You can find product sets that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the list above. However, if you are new to Japanese swords, whether you are interested in using them in the dojo or collecting them, you do not need to pay attention to such expensive products.

Instead, why not try Cold Steel Wakizashi, the best tactical sword for the budget?

To be honest, I was quite skeptical that at a fairly accessible price point, this sword model would probably let me down. The reality has proved the opposite, when the product owns a high-quality carbon steel blade and has a sharpness and strength that is not inferior to high-end products.

The blade part also continues to impress me with its great aesthetic. The blade has a beautiful color, luster, and cuts are close to perfection, able to conquer any expert in Japanese sword collecting.


  • Beautiful traditional design.
  • High-quality steel.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Enduring.
  • Suitable for many different uses.


The 1060 carbon steel is not as strong as other types of steel.

Bottom line

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on owning a traditional Japanese sword but still want to have an impressive experience, don’t forget Cold Steel Wakizashi, one of the best options for the current budget.

#10. Ryan Katana + Wakizashi Set


Ryan Katana+Wakizashi Set

Product’s highlights

To close this list, I would like to introduce Ryan Katana+Wakizashi Japanese Sword – a crafted sword pattern best suited for beginners.

This product is one of the most considered options for those who do not have much experience in practicing with Japanese swords because in terms of overall length to grip feeling, the product both gives a pretty good experience.

The sword’s overall length is 40.6”, including tang – an ideal number for flexibility and suitable for simple exercises like chopping down small trees and bamboo.

Another interesting advantage related to the versatility and ease of use of this product is the unique and useful folding blade.


  • Full Tang.
  • Good to meet beginners’ training purposes.
  • Classic design with gentle curves.
  • The blade can be folded with high flexibility.
  • The length of 40.6” is quite ideal.


  • Delivery time is quite long because it is a handmade product.

Bottom line

Simple to use, with only the above advantages, this kit has become one of the ideal choices for beginners. If you are simply looking for a product that allows you to easily perform exercises with small trees, this representative from Ryan is the product you should not miss.

#11. Honshu Boshin Wakizashi Sword

  • Brand: Honshu
  • Blade Length: 34 Inches
  • Handle Material: Wood
  • Item Weight: 3 Pounds

This beautifully crafted Honshu Boshin Wakizashi Sword is perfect for anyone looking for a high-quality sword and durable blade.

It is made with 1060 steel and 20-fold hardening, this sword is built to last.

The TPR grip ensures a comfortable and firm hold, while the jewel steel construction results in a sharp and hard edge.

Whether you’re an experienced swordsman or just starting, this weapon is sure to impress.

Wakizashi, along with the katana, is the sword associated with the Samurai, the warriors of Japan. This sword carries many meanings when it is an auxiliary weapon for the katana and a symbol of the honor of the martial artist.

However, not many wakizashi owners can confidently understand this sword model. Here are some frequently asked questions that you can refer to for a deeper understanding of Wakizashi.

What Is A Tactical Wakizashi? 

Wakizashi is one of the two indispensable swords of the Samurai. The characteristic of this type of sword is that it is much shorter in length than a katana and has a slightly curved blade.

Samurai always carried Wakizashi with him, even when he slept. Even when he has to put down his katana, for example, when entering a house, the Wakizashi still doesn’t let go of the fighter’s belt.

This short sword with a curved blade accompanies the Samurai in the seppuku (ritual suicide) ceremony as a testament to the honor of the martial artist.

So the question is, the same is the inseparable object of Japanese martial artists, but what is the difference between Wakizashi and Katana?

Wakizashi is just a supplementary sword to the katana. The reason lies in the length of this sword is only two-thirds, even half of the main sword.

It is the somewhat modest length that helps to reduce the overall weight of the Wakizashi. So, you have a more versatile weapon suitable for close combat.

If you compare Wakizashi with Tanto, what will be the difference?

These two swords can be available as secondary weapons for tactical katana.

However, the difference lies in the fact that the tanto is quite short in length, more like a long dagger than a sword. Besides, despite having the same slightly curved edge, tanto can have up to two blades. So, the primary application of this type was as a weapon of self-defense rather than attack.

How Do You Choose A Tactical Wakizashi?

In the following sections, you will find several things you need to consider when choosing a tactical wakizashi.

Among them, one of the most important issues affecting the overall quality of the product is the material.

Previously, traditional Japanese sword models would use Tamahagne steel. The above material is created through a detailed smelting, forging, and shaping process. Of course, using the above traditional material will take a lot of time and require a highly qualified craftsman.

Therefore, most manufacturers currently use high-strength steel alloys such as high-carbon steel, spring steel, etc.

Among them, 1060 carbon steel is the most popular material, providing sword models capable of handling soft or medium targets. Meanwhile, Wakizashi uses 1095 carbon steel that can cut bamboo and small trees.

If you value flexibility, flexibility even when bent, products made from 9260 spring steel will make you satisfied. Or, in case you value hardness and durability, T10 steel will be the ideal choice.

In addition to steel, swords can also sometimes be made with clay. The above unique combination has created a weapon with strong hard edges and the necessary flexibility.

Tactical Wakizashi Buying Guides 

There are quite a few issues you need to keep in mind when choosing to buy Japanese swords in general and tactical Wakizashi in particular.

In this guide, I will continue to list some of the most important factors that will help you narrow down your search.

1. Wakizashi type

As you know, Wakizashi will have a length between 30 and 60 cm. However, in reality, the size of this sword style will vary.

The Japanese divided this change into three new types of Wakizashi swords, including “O-wakizashi,” “Naka-wakizashi,” and “Ko-wakizashi.”

To make the most suitable choice, you can refer to the specific characteristics of each type of sword, specifically:

  • O-wakizashi will range from 1 shakuhachi (a Japanese unit of measurement, equivalent to approximately 54.5 cm) to under 2 shakuhachi (equivalent to approximately 60.6 cm).

As you can see, Owakizashi is quite similar in size to a katana. Some famous Japanese martial artists are also quite fond of this sword.

  • Wakizashi: will range in size from 1 shakuhachi 3 inches or more (about 40cm) to less than 1 shakuhachi 8 inches (about 54.5cm).
  • Ko-wakizashi: This type of sword will be about 40cm in size, roughly equivalent to Tantou. Therefore, this sword style would be more suitable for defense than for offense. Besides, the flexible, compact design is also very ideal for beginners.

2. Flexibility

To get the most out of Wakizashi, you need to know that flexibility is paramount.

In particular, as mentioned in the previous section, Wakizashi is an auxiliary weapon for the katana because of its flexibility, meeting the user’s needs for self-defense and attack.

To evaluate the product’s versatility, you should consider the design, length, and weight. The smaller the parameters that assess the above criteria, the more flexible the product is.

3. Balance

Along with flexibility, balance is one of the important factors that can affect the accuracy of a cut. Especially in case you want to improve your swing, you will want to choose a wakizashi that can stay in place, minimizing weight shifting.

4. Maintenance Request

An ideal tactical wakizashi should not require too many maintenance steps.

Especially if you own Japanese swords for collecting, you certainly do not want to choose a product that requires you to maintain its excellent appearance and effectiveness constantly.

You can apply a little tip when choosing a sword: give preference to removable products because with every periodic cleaning, you will feel grateful for this useful feature.

5. Budget

There is no shortage of options on the market that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

For example, in some cases, for enthusiasts who collect unique, high-quality swords, the price may not be so important.

If you are a beginner, my advice is to look for affordable products to assess their suitability and determine your personal preferences.

Of course, finding tactical Wakizashi for sale products at preferential prices will also help you save a small amount of money.

Final Words

Choosing the best tactical Wakizashi is not an easy challenge. For each different purpose of use, you have your requirements.

Besides, the market appears to have many product lines. This has made people interested in Japanese swords bewildered by the range of options available.

Hopefully, with the list of the suitable sword models above, you can find the product that best suits your needs.

I also hope that the information I provide, especially the instructions above, has been useful and detailed for you to get the best tactical sword list.

If there are any other related issues, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the section below so that we can promptly answer them clearly.

Last but not least, don’t forget to share this article. Each of your shares will be a great motivation for me and my team to continue creating other quality content.

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