Best Tactical Bags: Top 10 Trusted Military Molle Backpack Brands (Compact and Lightweight)

Whether you are military personnel, hiker, mountaineer, or simply someone who enjoys the great outdoors, you understand the importance of having a molle. Below is a compilation of some of the best tactical backpacks.

Best Tactical Bags: Top 10 Trusted Military Molle Backpack Brands (Compact and Lightweight)

Top 10 Best Tactical Backpacks For The Money Reviews

1. 5.11 Tactical Military Backpack

Best Tactical Backpacks 11 Tactical Military Backpack

This 5.11 tactical military backpack is a great choice for anyone who is looking for durability and flexibility in their tactical backpack.

Made of high-quality fabric and materials, and featuring MOLLE loops for easy attaching and detaching of equipment, you will certainly enjoy using this backpack.

This backpack is water-resistant and is capable of withstanding bad weather conditions. Moreover, it can be used in wet environments without worrying about wetting whatever important items you are carrying inside thanks to the durable 1050D nylon material.

Inside this 5.11 tactical backpack are 16 different storage compartments that allow you to arrange your belongings in a well-organized manner. And the best part is that each of the compartments is zippered, ensuring that all your belongings are properly secured.

Additionally, this backpack comes with a 60-ounce hydration packet, eliminating the need for water bottles.

It is, however, unsuitable for long hikes or distances that need you to carry relatively heavy equipment. Also, its hydration pouch does not have enough water needed during long hikes or walks, particularly in hot weather.


  • It is constructed using high-quality, durable material
  • It is a waterproof tactical backpack
  • It features a lightweight design
  • It is a high-performance multi-purpose bag
  • The bag has numerous compartments


  • The bag does not feature a hip belt
  • There isn’t any padding inside the bag
  • It is not suitable for long-distance hikes

In general, this tactical backpack is suited for light-duty hikes or walks, but for individuals who are seeking something durable.

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2. Eyourlife Military Tactical Backpack

Best Tactical Backpacks Eyourlife Military Tactical Backpack

This is probably the biggest backpack on this list. It might not be flashy in appearance but it certainly does what it is meant to do.

Its main storage compartment is quite large; you can comfortably fit all your equipment and gears here.

And with several other storage pockets, the ability to expand the main compartment, and the different MOLLE stations situated on the backpack’s exterior, you will never again have to stuff your important gear into your trousers’ pockets!

Also featured in this bag is a back-panel air circulation technology that makes you less sweaty during those long hikes and treks. And for extra comfort, the bag’s shoulder straps are nicely padded.

Generally, this is an efficient and lightweight tactical backpack that offers high-end features in its simple structure. However, that’s not mean that it does not have its shortcomings.

Many users complain that balance often tends to become an issue when the main compartment is extended outwards. A few more expansion straps could also be included.


  • The bag is available at an affordable cost
  • It is MOLLE compatible and one of the best combat backpacks
  • It is massive in size and lightweight in design


  • Balance tends to become an issue when the main compartment is extended outward
  • It could use a few more expansion straps

If you are in search of a tactical bag for occasional use, then this could be a great choice as it is spacious, cheap, and high-quality.

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3. G4Free Outdoor Tactical Backpack

Best Tactical Backpacks G4Free Outdoor Tactical Backpack

This G4Free outdoor tactical backpack is not your everyday military backpack; it stands-out in the overpopulated tactical backpack surrounding.

Emergency personnel, first respondents, ice-climbers, and special operations soldiers will find this tactical bag to be a great companion when things get tough out there!

Strongly constructed and featuring several molle attachments, snaps, and loops, this backpack is not only compact but also highly versatile.

This incredibly designed little backpack will have you thinking of leaving your full-sized bag back at home during your next hike or hunting season. But, do not be fooled by its small size.

Though small in size, it can comfortably accommodate most of your necessary supplies without any issues thanks to its numerous compartments.

The one major downside to this backpack is its single strap. The single strap often becomes tiresome during long treks.


  • This is a small and compact tactical backpack
  • It is very easy to wear and takedown
  • A great choice for both ice and rock-climbing
  • It features numerous storage compartments


  • The single strap could be somewhat tiresome during long treks
  • The quality of the zippers could be improved
  • Others consider the small size of the backpack a drawback

If small and compact is what you want in your tactical backpack, then look no further than this particular model. It is especially suitable for ice and rock climbing.

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4. 5.11 Tactical RUSH72 Military Backpack

Best Tactical Backpacks 11 Tactical RUSH72 Military Backpack

This is one of my favorites on this list. The backpack is given the name 72 because of the special design that allows you to operate for an incredible 72 hours right from it.

You could be stranded in a remote or isolated area but still, easily live on because you have all you need to last you three days.

The bag’s straps are oval designed. This special strap design aids in encompassing the bag around the shoulders and neck for a perfect fit.

At the backpack’s top is a grab and handle for easy picking.

When it comes to the storage space, this 5.11 tactical bag model has a capacity of 47 liters (the main compartment only without including other additional pockets).

It is one of the most spacious models available on the market today.

The bag might not have numerous additional pockets, but the ones available are well-organized. So you’ll always know where everything is in the backpack.

The only issue with this model is its price. It is a bit too expensive in comparison to its counterparts. But, other than that, it is a great choice.


  • The bag features wide and adjustable straps which make it comfortable to carry around
  • The main pocket is quite huge
  • The weight of the carried load is evenly distributed over your shoulders


  • It is an expensive choice
  • The quality of the zippers could be better

This tactical backpack is highly recommended to anyone looking for high performance in their bag. It is worth every dollar placed on it!

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5. CVLIFE Tactical Backpack

Best Tactical Backpacks CVLIFE Tactical Backpack

A common issue with most molle backpacks is that they are not ideal for everyday use.

Even though they do an incredible job at holding ammo and canned goods, they aren’t exactly easy on other items such as electronics.

Luckily, this CVLIFE tactical backpack does both very well; it is perfect for survival and everyday use. It can, in fact, be utilized as an EDC tactical backpack.

Even though small in size, this backpack keeps your everyday use equipment in great shape. Available at an affordable price backpack, this tactical bag is light enough for easy carry but strong enough to carry heavy loads.

This CVLIFE bag comes well-equipped with great features that any soldier would love. Apart from being made using waterproof and heavy-duty material, the bag also has zippers that open quietly. Also included are a load compression system and utility cord pulls.

In addition, the rear area is made using ventilated mesh material that’s breathable and very comfortable. The chest and waist straps are also easily detachable.

The only thing not to like about this CVLIFE tactical backpack is that this bag has no frame.


  • This is a heavy-duty tactical backpack
  • The bag has several layers to keep it secure
  • It has extra padding for added comfort
  • It is roomy
  • It is a waterproof tactical backpack


  • The bag has no frame

Note that this tactical backpack is more intended for electronics and tools than for bulky equipment. It can be worn together with a bigger bag and is a great addition to your general gear supply.

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6. Condor 3 Day Assault Pack

Best Tactical Backpacks Condor 3 Day Assault Pack

Condor is well-known for the production of highly versatile backpacks.

This is, in fact, the main reason why many individuals love their products, and this particular model is not any different; this backpack comes with an incredible degree of versatility.

First, it has numerous storage compartments including the hydration pack and radio compartments to mention a few.

All featured compartments provide ample storage space that allows you to carry whatever you need, which makes the bag a nice option for both tactical and daily use like traveling.

This bag is highly durable as well. It does not wear easily and can withstand even the toughest of conditions.

And that’s not all! The comfort levels of this bag are impressive considering its massive size. In addition, it has wide shoulder straps that evenly spread the carried weight.

Some people, however, complain that the bag is poorly constructed and that the featured buckles are of low quality.


  • This is a stylish and compact tactical backpack
  • It is a lightweight tactical backpack
  • It features numerous compartments and pockets
  • The included side handles are very strong
  • It is the best 3-day assault pack


  • The bag has a poor construction
  • The stitching could be better
  • The featured buckles are of low quality

This Condor tactical backpack does not disappoint. It has a lot to offer and is the pricing is not that high.

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7. Seibertron Backpack

Best Tactical Backpacks Seibertron Falcon Water Repellent Hiking Camping Backpack

When it comes to great performance, this Seibertron backpack is at the top. With an incredible 37 liter capacity, you can surely carry nearly everything that you’ll need for your trip or expedition.

One great feature of this tactical backpack is that it is waterproof, thanks to the 900D fabric.

This material is not only waterproof but also highly durable; it maintains its good looks for several years without any unnecessary tears or wears.

The other good thing about this tactical hiking backpack is its fitting, which is very comfortable.

It comes with adjustable straps to secure the bag to your desired fit. The comfort is also impressive. The padded back panels make the bag quite comfortable to carry around.

One thing that makes this tactical backpack stand out is its compression straps. With these straps, you do not have to stress about your items wobbling.

The only thing I dislike about this backpack is that the sewing pinholes and the zippers are not waterproof.


  • It has a remarkable capacity
  • It is available at a pocket-friendly price
  • It is very comfortable to carry around


  • The zippers and sewing pinholes are not water-resistant

This tactical hiking pack is highly recommended to anyone in search of a durable and affordable product.

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8. 5.11 RUSH MOAB 10 Tactical Sling Bag

Best Tactical Backpacks 11 RUSH MOAB 10 Tactical Sling Bag

A common mistake made when looking for a best tactical backpack to purchase is the assumption that one backpack needs to tick all the boxes; that it has to do it all.

The truth is that there isn’t such a bag; you will need a big backpack to carry your supplies and something lightweight for your emergency gear.

And that is where this 5.11 Rush Moab tactical sling bag comes in.

If you have to move fast but your full-size and bulky backpack is getting in your way, you can now switch to the Rush Moab 10. This backpack understands staying light on your feet, especially in emergencies.

Featuring a lightweight and compact design, this tactical backpack from 5.11 has many other great features to offer. It is a great outdoor tactical backpack.

Additionally, it comes with a hidden pistol compartment. This feature comes in handy for those who often carry their handguns for extra protection during missions or expeditions. You never know when the need will arise, so it is always better to be prepared.

However, when fully loaded, the shoulder strap tends to run on the user’s neck, particularly when running. This is the one thing that most individuals complain about regarding this tactical bag.


  • The features ambidextrous shoulder strap allows for easy securing of the bag
  • It is a compact bag
  • It comes with a hidden pistol pocket


  • When fully loaded, its shoulder strap tends to rub on the user’

Anyone in search of a compact yet high-performing tactical backpack should have this particular model as one of their top considerations. It is a good tactical backpack for the money placed on it.

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9. Military Tactical Assault Pack Backpack

Best Tactical Backpacks Military Tactical Assault Pack Backpack

This tactical bag has it all; versatile, resilient, and lightweight among others. It is among Amazon’s bestsellers and that alone proves just how good of a tactical backpack it is!

This bag is highly versatile. It can be used as a normal backpack, hunting, military, survival, or even a range bag. Simply put, this is a multipurpose bag. It is made using high-quality material, which makes it durable and it features heavy zippers and comfortable padding.

Note that this is a molle (modular lightweight load-carrying equipment) backpack. Such bags are specially designed to withstand tough outdoor conditions. The bag has numerous modular patches, several tiny pockets, a tactical assault panel, and a Rucksack.

Additionally, this backpack is also waterproof and it features a side and front compression system.

I can say that the bag’s weight is most probably its best feature. This bag is extremely lightweight and does not add to your loads whatsoever.

The only issue is that it does not feature a hydration bladder.


  • The bag is light in weight
  • It is affordable
  • It features numerous tiny compartments for independent storage of your items
  • It is made using high-quality material
  • It is waterproof
  • It is highly durable


  • It does not include a hydration bladder

This is hands-down one of the best tactical backpacks in this list. It is a choice worth considering for anyone in search of a budget tactical backpack.

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10. SOG Ninja Tactical Day Pack

Best Tactical Backpacks SOG Ninja Tactical Day Pack

The SOG Ninja is a well-designed and beautifully made tactical daypack that allows you to plan your outdoor activities for utmost comfort, convenience, safety, and performance. It makes for a great choice for any field personnel.

A tactical molle backpack features a special webbing for attaching various items. The bag also has several unique functional pockets that allow for easy organization of the gear you intend to carry in the bag. Some of its other incredible features include an anterior soft-lined pocket for storing items such as electronic gear and a tiny equipment storage pouch.

For added comfort, this SOG backpack features nicely padded shoulder straps. These straps can also be adjusted to your desired fit. Also featured are plastic zippers and buckles for added security.

There are four points positioned at the bag’s topside that permit for extra loads like a sleeping bag to be attached. With a 24-liter storage capacity, this military-grade bag does its job well.

However, its size is an issue for some people; it appears to be small for bigger people.


  • The bag has a spacious main compartment with numerous pockets, making it a great tactical travel backpack
  • It is comfortable to carry thanks to the padded shoulder straps
  • It is a durable bag
  • It is water-resistant
  • It is a molle bag


  • The bag is small for bigger individuals

SOG bags are known to be well-made and highly durable. This particular model is not any different.

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What Is A Tactical Backpack?

Tactical backpacks are often used by military and army personnel to carry the tactical or survival gear they need for their mission or military tasks. These backs are well-known for their reliability and durability. They are larger than the normal backpack, feature special compartments, and are compatible with most hydration systems. The military often uses these bags on patrols, marches, and expeditions.

Apart from military personnel, these bags can also be used to meet the needs of hunters, climbers, campers, and anyone else who enjoys outdoor activities.

What Is A Tactical Backpack?

How To Use A Tactical Backpack?

The different compartments of a tactical backpack need to be well utilized to get the most out of your bag. Randomly throwing items into your backpack could be frustrating, especially when looking for a specific item inside the bag. That’s why it is important to plan and decide which compartments will carry which items.

Because of the weight you might end up with from your items, comfort is crucial. Therefore, you’ll want to ensure that your backpack is close to your body. That said, you should tighten the adjustable straps and the compression straps where applicable.

How To Use A Tactical Backpack?

Most tactical backpacks feature a hydration pocket, which provides an easy means of getting your water. It involves getting a hydration bladder and drinking through a straw. Even though some individuals find this a bit unusual, it is much simpler than carrying several water bottles.

Also, nearly all tactical backpacks are Molle compatible. The MOLLE system provides a means for securely adding additional items to the exterior of your backpack. Attaching your extra load to the loops provides you with an added usability level as you’ll have easy access to whatever you need.

How To Choose The Best Tactical Backpack?

There are numerous important features that any high-quality and well-made tactical backpack should possess. Some of these are:

Good size

Before investing in a particular tactical backpack, it is important to consider if the bag’s size matches the height and strength of the user. Additionally, a good tactical backpack needs to be spacious enough and have several pockets to carry all your items. Large tactical backpacks come in handy in most situations.

How to choose the best tactical backpack?

Comfortable to carry

Some tactical backpacks cause a lot of strain on the waist and shoulder areas because of their hard straps. Therefore, when choosing a tactical bag, ensure that it includes features that make it comfortable to carry around, such as padded straps.

Highly durable

The term durability describes the backpack’s power to withstand the number of times it has been utilized to carry a heavy load. Choose a tactical backpack that can tolerate a couple of uses without wear and tear.

Utility pockets included

Not all tactical backpacks feature utility pockets; only the high-quality ones come with this feature. Such pockets allow you to carry items such as your mobile phone, a tactical knife, flint and so much more. When thrown in the main compartment, such tiny items might be difficult to access.

Chest strap feature

When shopping for a tactical backpack, choose one that comes with a chest strap. Without a chest strap, a fully loaded tactical bag would continually jump and oscillate thus making the user tire quickly.

What a chest strap does is that it spreads the efficiently spreads the weight of the load so that this weight is not concentrated pelvic and upper shoulder regions. This feature is commonly found in the best tactical packs.

Hydration bladder

This is another important feature of good tactical backpacks. The hydration bladder is made up of a valve and a hollow tube that permits the wearer to hydrate without reaching for their water bottle.


Small tactical backpacks are usually supported with a weightless aluminum frame built both externally and internally. The external framework provides ample space between the backpack and the wearer thus providing sufficient ventilation.

The internal framework, on the other hand, provides the perfect structure needed for lightweight backpacks.

Types of Tactical Backpacks

There are three main kinds of tactical backpacks. They include:

Types of Tactical Backpacks

MOLLE backpacks

As mentioned earlier, MOLLE stands for modular lightweight load-carrying equipment. With the help of a modular design, you could easily customize your bag according to the equipment you want to carry. In addition, you could attach modules or pouches to make your bag even more versatile.

Sling backpack

This type of tactical backpack is ideal for schoolgoers. It features a huge compartment for carrying all your books and small pockets for storing small items.

Such bags can even be hung on one shoulder. Their waterproof quality, ample space, and durability make them one of the most preferred backpacks. They are viewed by most as cool tactical backpacks.

Laptop backpack

This type of tactical backpack is mainly designed to protect electronic gadgets such as laptops. Apart from being sturdy and durable, the best tactical laptop backpacks feature extra padding to ensure that your gadgets are well secured. Additionally, they have suited to all weather conditions thanks to the waterproof design.

Why Do You Need A Tactical Backpack?

Why Do You Need A Tactical Backpack?

Tactical backpacks come in handy during tactical situations for a couple of reasons. They include:

They feature more compartments

Most ordinary backpacks only feature two to three compartments. This is the total opposite of most tactical backpacks. One of the features of tactical backpacks is that they come with numerous pockets and compartments. This allows you to organize your bag even when carrying numerous things easily.

They are more comfortable to carry around in tactical situations

Tactical backpacks feature shoulder straps with extra padding. This additional padding can be found in the midsection belt and back, making such backpacks more comfortable even when carrying a heavy load.

The padded belt helps distribute the weight carried on your hips and shoulders. On the other hand, the waistband belt makes the carrying of heavier loads much simpler, which leaves you with more energy to concentrate on other tasks.

They are highly durable

If you are part of the armed forces, you’ll need one of these. Tactical military backpacks have a more resilient design when compared to ordinary bags; they are much stronger. Created using tough polyester material, tactical backpacks are suited for rugged use.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Good Tactical Backpack

Factors To Consider When Buying A Good Tactical Backpack

Several factors need to be taken into consideration when purchasing a tactical backpack. These are:

1. Weight

A tactical backpack needs to be as light as possible without compromising on its quality. This is because lightweight gear minimizes the strain placed on your muscles and permits you to move around faster.

The manufacturers of tactical backpacks make their products lighter through making use of cutting-edge materials that are light in weight but still offer abrasion-resistance and durability. That said, go for a lightweight tactical backpack.

2. Material

The material of construction goes a long way in determining the durability of your backpack. High-quality tactical backpacks are usually made using nylon because nylon is abrasion-resistant and offers good durability. In addition, premium tactical backpacks are made using nylon of denier values greater than 500.

3. Pockets and compartments

Apart from the main compartment, a good tactical backpack needs to have several other internal and external pockets in various sizes. This is one of the features only found in the best tactical gear backpacks. These additional compartments and pockets allow for easy organization of your items.

4. Compatibility to hydration systems

A hydration system permits you to hydrate without necessarily putting down your backpack to get a water bottle easily. Tactical backpacks that are hydration system compatible feature a sleeve or pocket for the hydration bladder/water reservoir and an opening tube positioned at the top.

5. Back panel

It would help if you went for a backpack with an ergonomically shaped and well-padded back panel. Also, the back panel should be sufficiently ventilated so that any sweat from your back easily evaporates.

Good tactical backpacks normally have a foam back panels. On the other hand, Bigger backpacks often feature aluminum right behind the back panel. Aluminum stays are important when carrying heavy loads. They do a great job of shifting the weight to your hips from your shoulders (through the hip belt).

6. MOLLE compatibility

Tactical backpacks that are molle compatible are quite handy because they allow you to easily attach other additional items to the exterior of your backpack. Most urban tactical backpacks have this feature.

Tactical Backpacks Related Questions

1. Who makes the best tactical backpack?

This is a common question that different consumers normally ask. This is a subjective question and the real question here is “who creates the best tactical backpack that best fulfills your needs?”

The market is full of tactical backpacks from different manufacturers who all claim to be the best. However, some of the renowned and trusted tactical backpack brands include CVLife, SOG, 5.11, and Seibertron among others.

2. What are the most trusted tactical backpack brands?

When it comes to tactical backpack brands, only a handful are renowned globally. Moreover, only about less than one dozen are trusted by users.

The trusted tactical backpack brands include REEBOW GEAR, Mil-Tec, MONKEY PAKS, 5.11 Tactical, and 3V Gear. Buying a tactical rucksack from any of these brands will not result in disappointment. You will be happy you did it, especially if you buy something that matches your needs.

3. What is a warranty in this industry?

Top tactical bag brands have warranties on their products. MONKEY PAKS is one such brand. The company provides a one-year warranty to every person who validly purchases one or more of their military-style bags.

A warranty is a legal promise by the manufacturer to take some action under certain circumstances. In this industry, most warranties are promises by manufacturers to either refund or replace a tactical backpack in case a customer is not satisfied with it.

4. What are the best places to buy tactical bags?

The best place to buy genuine tactical bags is online. This is because it is quite convenient to shop online from the comfort of your home. stands out among the many online shops or platforms where you can buy a tactical bag. This is because of many reasons.

First, Amazon is a trusted marketplace. So you are more protected when you buy stuff through the platform, unlike other places where you might be scammed or lose your money.

Second, Amazon has a wide variety of military rucksacks on sale. Therefore, you are unlikely not to find a bag that perfectly matches your needs.

Lastly, Amazon has products for all markets, including the high-end and low-end markets. The bags’ prices on the site range from $20 to over $200.

5. What backpack Do Navy Seals use?

The Navy seal backpack is a popular choice because of its durable construction, water resistance, and insulated insulation. It’s designed to be lightweight, durable and versatile.

The military-grade fabric allows it to withstand harsh conditions while still being comfortable on your back – perfect when you’re out there exploring! It’s perfect for outdoor activities like camping or hiking where you need to carry your things on hand but not waste them by letting cold air seep into the contents!

6. How to care & maintain tactical bag?

Probably the best thing about tactical bags is that they are made tough. Most of them are made using tough and water-resistant materials and include double stitching and other reinforcements that make them reliable.

So you don’t need to worry about caring for a tactical bag. Nevertheless, it is always good to handle such bags with care. For example, do not overload such bags with loads too heavy.

This could make them fail. Also, adjust the straps and secure them the right way. Otherwise, they could come loose and the bag could fall from your back and damage its contents.

To maintain a tactical bag, you should follow the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer.

7. What backpacks do Army Rangers use?

The U.S.’s Army Rangers use Military-grade backpacks! These heavy-duty bags have been specially designed to meet all of their requirements and keep them geared up for any situation that may arise on or off mission, including being water-resistant if they get caught out there during rainstorms (or something like this).

It was designed to be lightweight and durable so that soldiers could carry more gear on longer missions without becoming too worn out from heavyweight carrying or over-extended physical endurance training exercises such as Crossfit type workouts where you keep going until someone tells; I stop!


There are hundreds of different tactical backpack models available on the market today. This is why it is somewhat challenging to find the best one.

This should, however, not worry you as the above list contains some of the best tactical backpacks out there, as well as the features that you should look for when shopping for one.

The importance of choosing a tactical backpack that’s molle compatible cannot be stressed enough. The molle system allows for easy attachment of additional items to your backpack.

Hopefully, the above list will help you choose a tactical backpack that matches all your needs.