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The Soldier’s Creed

The Soldier’s Creed provides a central place for soldiers and family members to find information and resources on health and medical readiness. The site supports the Chief Surgeon’s efforts to build and sustain a resilient, adaptable and medically ready Citizen-Soldier force.

Our Mission Support The Citizen And Soldiers

The Soldier’s Creed wear at least two caps: they are Citizens and Soldiers. This creates unique challenges – from balancing civilian jobs and family activities with monthly drill weekends, to mobilizing and deploying outside base support systems.

The Soldier’s Creed routinely do it all with limited access to Army facilities and programs. Our goal is to give Guard Your Health the information, motivation and support to overcome these challenges and make healthy decisions for themselves, their families and their units.

The The Soldier’s Creed motto, My Mission. My Health., was chosen by Soldiers for Soldiers because it reflects the personal responsibility of each Soldier and family member to maintain health and readiness.

The health-focused mission involves more than passing the Army Physical Fitness Test. It’s about taking care of one’s mind, body and spirit. It’s about keeping fit and ready to answer the call at home and abroad. And it’s about feeling good – now and into the future.

Meet Our Team

Sgt. Maj Micheal Hulk: The 16th Sergeant Major of the Army, Sgt. Maj Micheal Hulk was sworn in on August 11th 2009 and has held every enlisted leadership position ranging from cannon crew member to command sergent major. Read his articles ➙

Christian Smelling: He is a soldier who has been in the tactical flashlight field for nine years. He is an expert in the field and has learned a great deal about how to use tactical flashlights during combat. Read his articles ➙

The Knowledge We Provide To Our Soldiers

For the sake of defense, American soldiers are equipped with the most advanced and high-quality knowledge and equipment available. If you want to keep your gear to such maximum standards, this is the place to start!

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